NCRA NewsMail

25 November 2017

(1) Secure Online Shopping (2) Local Burglaries

(1) Thanks to Neighbourhood Alert for sending the follwing advice from Action Fraud :

Click on the poster for an enlarged view


(2)Thanks to Dana Wiffen (Chairman, Neighbourhood Watch Office) for alerting us to suspicious activity occurring prior to burglaries in neighbouring wards :

Two guys were going around on Monday wearing black jackets with the words 'roofing contractors' written on them, asking residents if they needed any roofing work done or their drive spray-cleaned. This preceeded a burglary in Cold Blow Crescent.

In St.Michael's Ward, two guys were selling cleaning products prior to break-ins in some of the roads.

Also in Cold Blow Crescent, a moped was heard around 1.30am and a door was subsequently found to have been jemmied open and a handbag which contained car keys was taken along with the car.

This is the type of burglary remit around the Borough at present so if you hear a moped(s) close by during the night please check it out because almost certainly means that thieves are at work. If you observe this please call 999 straight away.