NCRA NewsMail

27 November 2017

(1) Burglary (2) Tree Climber

(1) Thanks to Alison Avery for reporting this incident :

I would like to report a burglary from a van outside our house 32 St James Way on Sunday 19th November approximately £1,800.00 worth of tools were stolen the back window was smashed.

Police were informed but no further action taken as no fingerprints found.


(2)Thanks to another member who prefers not to be named for sending the following report :

I am not sure if this is an issue or not but I was quite surprised to look out of my window half an hour ago and see a man halfway up a tree in the Arches, behind my neighbours garden. We live in The Spinney and our gardens back onto the Arches. He was climbing down from quite high up in the tree, I could not tell what he was doing.

He was carrying a large metal stick like object with a very large hook on it and had a bag slung round him. He was using the 'hook' to help him climb the tree and when he got to the ground it looked like he wrapped a rope around it and stood and looked back up the tree for a few minutes before he left.

He was wearing dark clothing that included a baseball type cap and a black sweatshirt with the name of a company, or something, across the back (unfortunately he was too far away to be able to read the writing).

I did not see which direction he left in as he disappeared behind some other trees. As I said this may not be a problem but I thought I would flag it in case any one else has noticed any other unusual activity.

As our member says, this may not be an illegal activity but may represent a risk to other users of the meadows. To be on the safe side we have passed the message on to the local police with members name and address withheld.