NCRA NewsMail

30 December 2017

Hatherley Road - Sidcup

Thanks to Sidcup Community Group for sending the following information :

Bexley Council has warned of disruption during resurfacing of Hatherley road between Granville Road and Alma Road for one week from 15th January 2018. This is a major south to north route and Station Road will be even more congested than normal.

As an aside the Council has warned residents in the area that they can expect individuals offering to carry out work such as driveway repairs or renewal claiming to work for Conway, the contractor for this project. Just to repeat the Council's advice that their contractors are NEVER allowed to carry out such private work so anyone claiming to be associated with them is LYING.

Residents are strongly advised against giving work to or buying goods or services from cold callers and can we ask you to remind neighbours, especially but not only the elderly or infirm, of this advice.