NCRA NewsMail

5 January 2018

Neighbourhood Watch Update (2)

Thanks to PC Paul Sealy for sending the following 3 updates :

There has been no further calls for some time regarding ASB on Footscray Meadows however we have been informed today that a motorbike has been seen abandoned which we will be checking out today. ---- I told you in the last update about the two ongoing cases that we have. The drugs warrant that we executed is now with the CPS for a charging decision. The incident in Sidcup Hill where a male was running around with two knives and was arrested by me at the time is still ongoing. Three other males have been interviewed under caution and the entire case is also in the hands of the CPS awaiting a charging decision on 4 suspects. ---- PC Sealy arrested a wanted burglar on Monday 18th December. A warrant was issued by Bromley Police for his arrest and as he lived on the ward we executed the warrant. ---- There have been a couple of attempted burglaries recently in Knoll Road where entry was attempted by forcing open double glazed windows, thankfully entry was not gained. ---- On 13th December a burglary happened on Sidcup Hill. The team were out on a mobile patrol at the time and attended on blues & twos. The response team beat us to it and were already in the property when we arrived. We searched the property for the suspects but they had already made their escape. The occupant disturbed them when she arrived home and then ran escaping out of a rear window. ---- There have been several burglaries on surrounding wards but Cray Meadows has not seen the increase. Burglary is not only a priority for the borough but is a big priority for Cray Meadows ward. We will do as much pro-active patrols as we can to try to combat this terrible crime which can affect victims for a long time. There are plenty of things you can do to make it as difficult as possible for burglars. Alarms and CCTV are the obvious ones but cheap self adhesive alarms on doors and windows, Fake TV and light timers are a great way to make it look like someone is at home.
On 28th December there was an attempted burglary at 4 in the morning whereby two males were trying to kick in a door on Maidstone Road, both of these suspects were arrested at the scene by the response team. ---- It seems that one of the ways in which burglars are finding out whether someone is in, is by simply knocking on the front door. You can buy doorbells with cameras that link to your phone which you can answer anywhere in the world, these are quite pricey but are becoming more popular. If you need any advice on home security, please let us know and we will happily have a chat with you. ---- I will keep you updated. Don't forget, if you have any issues on the ward we want to know. If we know about issues we can try to do something about them. Don't suffer in silence, please tell us. We are here to help you.
There will be resurfacing works on Hatherley road between Granville Road and Alma Road from 15th January for one week. The contractor Conway will be carrying out the work. When work like this takes place, often criminals will target the area and knock on doors pretending to be from the contractor offering to tarmac drives and use this as an excuse to gain access to your home. If you get someone knocking on your door offering this, shut the door and call us. ---- Another bit of news, our Facebook page will soon be up and running and we will let you know the link to you when it's ready. ---- Lastly, from myself PC Sealy, PC Clark and PCSO Cimen, we hope you had a good new years eve and a happy new year to everyone.