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11 January 2018

Footscray Meadows - Parkrun - Alternative View

Thanks to James Rust for his comment on Parkrun :

I would like to express my support for the proposed ParkRun at Footscray Meadows.

Having attended several of these runs before, I can confirm that they are extremely well organised by a dedicated team, who have the most sincere respect for the people, and the area in which they are running. They work to a set of rules whereby all runners are to give way to locals, be they running alone, walking dogs, out with children, and so on. The fact that they are gathered under the banner of ParkRun does in no way suggest it is for parks alone - I've been to runs that are off the beaten track, briefly on grass, concrete, tarmac, pathway, along hedgerows etc.. - something which accurately describes the Meadows.

The organisation brings a real sense of community when they gather - as every runner's details are centralised, birthdays are known, and are mentioned in the pre-run 'hustle'. A runner's milestone runs, tenth run, twentieth run and on, are mentioned with applause and cheers always forthcoming. They are held once a week, at approximately 09:00, and are over with the area vacated within two hours. There would be no untoward disturbance of the natural area, preserved or free flowing.

Having lived in the area for thirty-seven years, I sincerely believe that welcoming ParkRun to Footscray Meadows would be a real benefit to the community and the area as a whole.

NCRA has received only a few submissions in respect of Parkrun. Mostly in favour.

Rather than publish any further comments, I will count up those for and against and publish the result in one week. All submissions received will be forwarded to the Parkrun organisers, so please do send in your opinion.

Nik Carter
NCRA Webmaster