NCRA NewsMail

12 January 2018

Lost & Found Dogs

Thanks to Muriel Simmons who sent the following message :

Today a lady approached me on the meadows as she was searching for her dog which was lost from her garden last night. I suggested that she contact the dog pound as most people finding a lost dog would take it there.

The lady said she had contacted the police who were less than helpful and hadn't given her the telephone number of the Pound

I didn't have the telephone number but the lady did manage to make contact with the pound and sure enough the little dog was there.

It occurred to me that it might be helpful for members to have the telephone number of the pound particularly for those of us who live right on the meadows and/or are regular dog walkers there.

Would this be something that could be circulated?

Yes - details of how to proceed if you find a stray dog, or if you lose your own can be found on    Bexley's web site

or by telephoning the Contact Centre on 020 8303 7777.