NCRA NewsMail

18 January 2018

Email to North Cray Residents Association Committee

Thanks to Lisa from The Grove for the following message :

Further to Muriel Simms message - it is a fantastic idea for you to spread the message or telephone number of the dog pound.

I was in Orpington High Street in November - I work there and came out of my office, looked across the road and there was a dog that was sitting in the actual road at a pull-in near a bus stop.

It turned out that an old man had told the dog to sit and wait and then walked off and never came back for him. The dog was just sitting in the road and no amount of coaxing could get him to sit on the pavement - a member of the public came along and picked the dog up out of the road and put the dog on to the pavement - there was a large crowd now surrounding the dog and not one person (me included) had any idea of who to ring or where to ring.

I have two dogs that I walk over the arches daily, I went straight back to work and googled the information which I saved on to my phone. The number is the same as in Muriel's email.

As for the dog in the road in Orpington, someone went into a shop and bought a dog rope and they took him back to their home where they were going to contact either the dog warden or the Police - they just wanted to get the poor thing off Orpington High Street which is extremely busy and noisy - and the dog was very very old and surprisingly friendly even after his ordeal -

I found the whole thing extremely upsetting - why would you leave a dog in the middle of a busy busy high street, the very least you could do would be to take the dog to a dog rehoming place - it was very lucky that there was a lot of animal lovers out that day as there were many people who stopped and stayed until something actually got done. There are some nice people around. Honestly.