NCRA NewsMail

23 January 2018

(1) Plastic

Thanks to Nichola for sending the following appeal :

Plastic - good stuff, but not great for the environment, lasts far too long and there's too much of it and it is increasing year on year.

Would you be willing to try to reduce your single use plastic consumption? I thought you may be interested in this link with some ideas

Kent Wildlife & Plastic

Some of them are perhaps a little more tricky than others! If plastic consumption concerns you too, I would love for you to pass this among your friends, work colleagues and families, so that they can consider their plastic use too.

I think we've all pretty much got the hang of shopping bags, I use my water bottles time again to take tap water to work and the gym (replacing them every 6 weeks or so). I don't drink coffee or tea, so for me, I'm going to try and stop them giving me or using useless straws at bars and cafes, which I think are unnecessary - take the lid off and drink from the cup, better still don't have the plastic lid either.


(2) Cray Meadows Surgery

Our Safer Neighbourhood Police Team will be holding a 'Surgery' for residents at the Tudor Cafe Maidstone Road on Saturday 27/01/18 between 0930 &1000 hrs.

This is a good opportunity to raise any concerns that you may have.