NCRA NewsMail

9 February 2018

Burglary Reported In Hurst Road

Thanks to Sidcup Community Group for sending the following report of a burglary. Although just outside of our area, the information and advice from PCSO Graves is very pertinent.

Thursday 08th February 2018

Unfortunately we had a burglary reported in Hurst Road (Station Road end) yesterday.

Victims returned home at approximately 2025hrs and heard a loud bang at the rear. Victim then noticed the rear kitchen window smashed after suspect had thrown a concrete block through the glass. Unfortunately suspect managed to grab the car keys in the kitchen and drive off in the victims vehicle.

This I believe is the second burglary in Hurst Road where the vehicle has been stolen. Please consider buying a steering wheel lock for your vehicle.

Please also consider a tracking device for your vehicle, if have a keyless entry vehicle then a Faraday bag/box to store it overnight.