NCRA NewsMail

12 February 2018

Future NewsMail Items

Following our request for more items of local interest (NewsMail 23/12/2017) we are now able to schedule a number of articles to be published in the coming weeks. These include two series by Jean Gammons - one on Conservation Areas and another on Local Societies.

Suggestions for other articles include North Cray People (We started with David Phillips NewsMail 19/12/2017), 'Places to Visit', and a photo gallery of members 'Family Pets'.

We need more - so please do send any material of this kind that you would like to see in a NewsMail via the 'Contact NCRA' link at the bottom of each NewsMail

Part 3 of Jean Gammon's LOCAL CONSERVATION AREAS series, Foots Cray, will follow this NewsMail.