NCRA NewsMail

22 February 2018

Neighbourhood Watch Update

Thanks to PCSO Pauline Cimen for sending us the following update :

17h February - Distraction Residential Burglary - 1445-1500 - Longmead Drive - Suspect pretended to be from the council checking their fence whilst other suspect entered the property taking £130
16th February - Theft from Motor Vehicle - 0730-1600 - Watery Lane - suspect stole front and rear number plates
16th February - Burglary - Residential - 1430-2000 - St Georges Road - Jewellery and currency taken
14th February - Theft from motor vehicle - 1900-1510 - Amberley Court - Theft of both registration number plates
5th February - Theft of motor vehicle - 2000 - Harvill Road - Suspect forced door lock and forced cowling around ignition barrel off
14th/15th February - Residential Burglary - 2315-0814 - Palm Avenue - Garage/car port damaged. No items taken
19th February - Theft of Motor bike - 1900-2131 - Durham Road - Vehicle was found later in a field near a football pitch not far from the location. The bike was found as it had a tracker attached to the vehicle which was able to track what location the vehicle was in.
Good News Story - On Tuesday 20/02/2018 PC Phil Clark was out patrolling in Cray Road and came across a female who was having difficulty manoeuvring her wheelchair due to the back wheel which had completely broken leaving the wheelchair very unstable and unable to work. PC Phil Clark called an ambulance but due to the volume of calls they had taken at that time there would be a long wait as it was not deemed an emergency. The female was becoming very cold by this time. PC Paul Sealy joined PC Phil Clark and they managed with great difficulty to lift the wheelchair onto a bus (whilst the female was still sitting in the chair) which took them a few stops to the end of the road where the female lived. PCSO Pauline CIMEN also joined them and they managed to push the wheelchair up the road (on 3 wheels) and eventually got this lady home and safe. The lady had been sitting in her chair in the rain for almost 2 hours. PC Phil CLARK stayed with the female throughout this time making sure she was ok. Once home she could not thank the team enough for the time they spent with her and for managing to get her home safe.