NCRA NewsMail

26 February 2018

Message from PC Paul Sealy

We are trying to find out the identify of a female who kicked a dog causing injuries on Foots Cray Meadows and then proceeded to assault the owner by jumping on his back and spitting at him.

This female has possibly had altercations with other dog walkers on Footscray Meadows in the past.

She is around early 30s, of Eastern European descent. She speaks good English with an accent. She was wearing a red puffer jacket with blue bobble hat and a pink scarf, possibly driving a small black hatchback.

The dog is a young black German Shepherd on a black harness.

We are keen to speak to her regarding this incident. If you know who she is or have had an altercation with her yourself, please let us know by sending a message direct to us or via the residents association.

Thank you


Paul Sealy

If any member can help identify this person, please contact PC Sealy either directly by email or via the 'Contact NCRA' link button below.