NCRA NewsMail

3 March 2018

Neighbourhood Watch Update

Thanks to PC Paul Sealy from CRAY MEADOWS WARD Police SNT Team for sending us the following 'Neighbourhood Watch Update' :

17th February - Dog Dangerously out of Control on footpath between North Cray Road and Joydens Wood. Victim bitten on the leg by suspect's dog that was out of control
20th February - Burglary - St James Way - Burglary to external garage, nothing taken
22nd February - Attempted burglary at Stables in Parsonage Lane. Victim believes that suspects were intending to steal a horse. Were challenged and left
23rd February - Theft from motor vehicle in Cray Road. Suspect took a camera left on view on car seat
3rd February - Theft of ladders from the roof of a van in Palm Avenue
25th February - Criminal Damage in Thursland Road - A window has been found smashed
27th February - Vehicle Interference - St James Way - Vehicle window smashed with a brick and a search for property. Nothing stolen
27th February - Burglary - Bexley Lane - Entry to rear garden gained by forcing a side gate. Rear door forced. Untidy search and a large amount of property stolen;
27th February - Theft of Vehicle - Knoll road - BMW X5 stolen from the street.
We have had a couple of burglaries this week and we have seen a couple of suspicious vehicles whilst on foot patrol.
Modern cars with keyless entry are now a target for thieves. Some using gadgets that can read the signal from inside your house and then be transmitted to another device to make the car think that you have the key. Consider the old school way of a steering lock. A physical barrier to prevent theft.
We hold weekly community contact sessions. Our upcoming events are as follows: 6th March - North Cray Neighbourhood Centre from 10-11am, 15th March - North Cray Neighbourhood Centre from 2-3pm. If you would like to speak to us about any issues or would just like to come and meet the team, please just show up. No appointment necessary.

Yours officers, PC Phil Clark, PC Paul Sealy and PCSO Pauline Cimen are your local officers. We are here to help you. If you need us, get in touch. Above all, stay safe and stay warm.