NCRA NewsMail

16 March 2018

Neighbourhood Watch Update

Thanks to PCSO- Pauline Cimen from Police SNT Team for sending the following Neighbourhood Watch Update.

2nd March 2018-Theft of motor vehicle- 1200-1415 hrs- Gattons Way- No suspects seen.
11th March 2018- Theft from motor vehicle- 2030 hrs- Wren Road- Cufflinks and tiepin stolen.
10th March 2018- Burglary Business- 0910 hrs- Five Arches Business Estate- Maidstone Road- Suspects ran into warehouse stealing copper tubes.
6th March 2018- Burglary Business- 1530-1615 hrs- Multifix- Maidstone Road- Power tools taken.
4th March 2018- Interference with motor vehicle- 1800 hrs- Bexley Lane- Suspect gaining entry to vehicle by unknown means with intention of stealing within.
There have been a number of reports where vehicles have been broken into. A number of vehicles have been left unlocked. Please be mindful of this and make sure all vehicles are securely locked even if they are sitting on a drive. Also make there are no items on show.