NCRA NewsMail

17 April 2018

NEWS FROM THE SECRETARY -  Update re the Bromley and Bexley Liaison Group

Yesterday, our new Treasurer, Chris Moon, and I met with our fellow members of the Bromley and Bexley Liaison Group. This was set up in 2014 order for us to explore in an informal way how our Association, the Sidcup Community Group and the Chislewick Residents Association (the Chislewicks) might work together on matters affecting the area lying between Bromley and Bexley, in particular Edgington Way. Several issues were discussed, including our shared concerns about slowly moving traffic along Edgington Way and the gridlock at Crittals Corner, which will surely worsen when the Klinger site is completed; and litter, which is seen everywhere. Concern was also expressed at Bexley's proposal to re-locate Sidcup Library on the former Blockbuster site; its proposals for Oceanic House on Sidcup Hill, where the location would cause an enormous amount of congestion; and the application now before Bromley's planning department to increase the amount of waste going to the anaeroboc digester plant in Crookham Lane with additional smells (already suffered by residents in the Maidstone Road area) and lorry traffic. We noted that although the Lidl development in Footscray was thought to be a popular one, we did have concerns about the probability of extra congestion in an already congested area. Finally, we all welcomed the update given by the Chislewicks, which is that their aim is to persuade Bromley to create a Wildlife and Visitor Centre on the former notorious Waste4Fuel site near Crittals Corner. Their ultimate aspiration is for this part of our shared Green Belt to join up with the Cray Valley Walkway to the Priory, Orpington.

Our Constitution requires us to co-operate with others with similar objectives, and so our working relationship with the Chislewicks and the Sidcup Community Group is a valuable one, as is the one we have with the Planning & Conservation Committee of the Bexley Civic Society. On this, our Association is represented by our President, John Harrington, and me; and we meet regularly to work in unison as regards plans under consideration by Bexley's planning department that adversely affect Conservation areas, heritage buildings and the Green Belt. Similar support is also given to us by the Coldblow Crescent Residents Association in nearby Old Bexley. Here, we will be working even closer with the latter after 3 May, when a new ward, St Marys & St James, will replace the present Cray Meadows ward.

Jean Gammons