NCRA NewsMail

18 April 2018

Message from Sidcup's Dedicated Ward Office - PCSO Steve Graves

An elderly victim who resides in Hurst Road (Bexley Village end) had a leaflet posted through her door advertising tree surgery/gardening work. The victim phoned the company and made brief arrangements for work to be carried out at her property. Within 30mins a van turned up with numerous males. Initially the victim refused to let them in the house and therefore walked them through her garage to the rear garden.

The victim took money out of the safe to pay for the initial work however, allowed one of the males into the kitchen area as he asked for a brew. After an hour or so the males left after payment was made, unfortunately the victim later discovered her safe missing. Over £1000 and along with banking details are stolen as a result.

If you are planning any work to be undertaken on your property, then please ask family and friends for recommendations. If you have the internet then please read reviews and use for legitimate companies.

Please DO NOT entertain any leaflets posted through your door!
Please DO NOT entertain any cold callers on your doorstep!
Please DO NOT entertain any random phone calls!

Please make your neighbours aware, especially if they are elderly and vulnerable. Keep an eye out for them and note as much description as you can, such as vehicle registration etc. If you think it's suspicious, then call the police immediately.

On a final note, if you are having any tree surgery work done at your property, then all tree surgeons MUST be qualified, they MUST also have photo id from the National Proficiency Test Council. If they don't have these, then it's highly likely they are not qualified to do the work and more importantly, they are NOT genuine!

Regards Steve Graves
Sidcup Ward Police Team