NCRA NewsMail

27 April 2018

Theft from Cars

Thanks to two members for sending the following alerts :

(1) .. I would just like to alert you to the fact that a set of number plates were stolen from a BMW car parked opposite 32 St James Way in the early hours of Sunday morning 22nd April.

Also wing mirrors were stolen from a van parked outside no 32 in the early hours of the 8th April.

(2) .. FYI - recent theft of a 2009 BMW 5 series stearing wheel. from a car in High Beeches. Suspect unknown opened drivers door without damage and carefully unbolted and removed stearing wheel and airbag from the car.

It appears this is now a common problem

Be on your guard !!


Consultation to close in a few weeks

Thanks to CPRE for the following reminder :

The Government is reviewing an important piece of policy that could change the shape of the English countryside for ever. It is rewriting the National Planning Policy Framework - the rules that determine what kind of houses are built, where they go, and whether it is communities or developers who are at the heart of those decisions.

The outcome will have a huge impact on issues such as safeguarding protected landscapes, the provision of rural affordable housing and guaranteeing that local communities' voices are heard on developments in their area.

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