NCRA NewsMail

2 May 2018

Damaged /missing fencing near Penny Farthing Bridge

Thanks to Mr Giles McArdell, for sending the following warning :

I noticed today that a section of the metal fencing that separates the meadows from, what I believe is, Thames Waters Property, right next to the Penny Farthing bridge, has been removed. I suspect this is not Thames Waters' doing as there are no safety signs, barriers or tape present. Just beyond the missing section of fence is a sign warning of deep water so I am naturally concerned for the safety of Children or Dogs in the area.

Does anyone know if this land is definitely the property of Thames Water? If so I will contact them.

If anyone has any information regarding this property, please respond to this NewsMail via the 'Contact NCRA' link below and we will pass the information to relevant people. In the meantime, please warn your children to stay clear of the area.