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3 May 2018

Damaged Fence, Penny Farthing Bridge further Update

Thanks to a member for the following update :

A pony was left very unwell in that area of land which has been a dumping ground for many ponies over the last year - a member of the public found the pony dying and the RSPCA was contacted. The person who called the RSPCA stayed with the pony until a volunteer from the RSPCA came as they had received numerous phone calls (which is what is necessary to get the RSPCA to come out together with the factor that the pony was clearly in distress as it was unable to get up off the ground and was lying on the floor - a vet attended - RSPCA then attended the police were there and the Fire Brigade.

It was necessary to cut the fence as the pony had to be carried out of the enclosed area. Whilst I was not there myself, many dog walkers were there whom I know and they were all very upset as this pony was clearly skin and bone and unwell. For any animal to be left in that state is unforgivable -

I have been told the RSPCA / Fire Brigade and Police were all fantastic - I have no idea how the pony is doing I am afraid but the RSPCA do not just put animals to sleep they will do their best to bring the pony back to good health - this incident together with another was in the same week when the RSPCA rescued 3 out of 5 ponies from behind B&Q who had been left on waste land near Crittalls Corner. The vet who attended with the RSPCA gave the go ahead for 3 out of 5 to be removed as every rib in their body were clear for all to see.

This, together with the Penny Farthing incident was reported on The News Shopper - it is on their website.

Thank goodness for kind people, the world needs more of them.