NCRA NewsMail

14 May 2018

(1) Fishing In The Meadows

Around 4.15 on Thursday 10th May a member came across two men fishing - one from the Five Arched Bridge, the other from the bank. When challenged and told that this was illegal they became menacing! Our member then phoned 101, but was told that they were currently busy. She then phoned the Environment Agency (EA), who promised to investigate in the next 10 days.

Later, the EA phoned her back and promised to make more visits to the Meadows during out-of-hours times. Importantly, they added that the more people who reported this illegal fishing the more justification the local EA team would have to respond quickly.

So, please do telephone the EA quickly if you see any of this illegal fishing taking place - but without putting yourself at any risk.

The contact phone No. for the EA is 0800 80 70 60.

(2) Our New SNT Team - Update

Further to our recent NewsMail, we are very pleased to report that PCSO Pauline Cimen will also be one of the Dedicated Ward Officers for our new St.Mary's & St.James Safer Neighbourhoods Team (SNT).