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30 June 2018 

News from the Secretary - AGM 27 June 2018

This year, only 52 members attended our AGM in St James Church (70 had attended in 2017), probably because it was such a hot evening. For those who were unable to join us, this is just a very short account of the business discussed. 

There were three main issues:- 

Stuarts' Soil Grading activity The noise created by these Works (which were starting at 7am, sometimes as early as 6.30) had now become intolerable for people living close by. The air pollution created by the dust, too, was creating a serious risk to health - even for people living as far away as Albany Park. The meeting was told that in order to seek a resolution of this long-standing Nuisance, a sub-committee of the NCRA had been formed. Within two days of the AGM, this committee had arranged for a visit by Bexley's Environmental Health Officer, whose immediate action was to organise a Hot Line to the Environment Agency, the body responsible for what was happening on Stuarts' site: 0800 80 70 60, please see our NewsMail of 29 June. 

Lack of timely Enforcement action The meeting was informed that this was a problem in the case of several sites in North Cray, including the sale of used cars from No. 139 North Cray Road. Later, during the presentation by Cllr Alan Downing (this being the first AGM of our Association that he had attended since being elected as one of our two local councillors) we were told that, currently, Planning had only 1 + half Enforcement Officers to cover the whole of the borough. 

Footscray Meadows The other guest speaker was Patrick English of Bexley Council, who is our local Grounds Maintenance Officer. He gave a very informative talk about his role. There followed a lively discussion about the increasing number of incidents affecting the Meadows' vulnerable wildlife, aggressive dogs, illegal fishing and quad bikes. At the end of his presentation, the idea was put forward that a Meadows Action Group be formed of people who regularly visited the Meadows to walk their dogs - people who could undertake to immediately report such incidents to the appropriate body. Two members volunteered straightaway, please see NewsMail of 30 June. 

The messages read out by David Cook that had been sent by our MP, James Brokenshire; and our local Safer Neighbourhoods SNT, neither of whom were able to attend personally on this occasion because of other commitments can be read using the following links : 

James Brokenshire Message 

SNT Message 

A copy of the Draft minutes can be found at : 

AGM 2018 Minutes 
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