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28 July 2018 

Aircraft Noise

Thanks to Sidcup Community Group for sending us the following message :

Many of you will have noticed the increase in air traffic over Sidcup since early 2016. We have planes flying east to west on their approach to London City Airport, turning West over Sidcup to head into Heathrow and turning south over Sidcup to land at Biggin Hill.

The vast increase in traffic at least on the London City flight path is down to a change in approach which uses concentrated flight paths - eg the planes all fly over the exactly the same route one after another.

This group brought such plans to the notice of residents as well as applications to double flights from London City Airport and increase commercial flights from Biggin Hill as far back as 2008 via our newsletters and public meetings. These warnings were by and large met by a wave of apathy. 

There has been quite some opposition to this change which was introduced in February 2016 (without consultation with local councils or residents) from various groups, not least HACAN East (see their most recent newsletter). The Civil Aviation Authority is currently looking at the issue of concentrated flight paths, so you have your opportunity to make your voice heard. It's unrealistic to not be affected by aircraft noise at some point as London is a global city, but widening the approach path rather than concentrating it seems a fairer way of handling air traffic so we all share the burden.

If you wish to do so, please follow this link to the Civil Aviation Authority and also to City Airport to leave your comments. If this issue bothers you then the more voices the CAA and City Airport hear, the better.

Sidcup Community Group