NCRA NewsMail

31 July 2018 

Neighbourhood Watch Update - Continued :

Further to the previous NW Update, NCRA thanks PCSO Angel Parnell for the following :

A black motorcycle was stolen from North Cray road on 13/7 from 1030-1230. The owner was possession of the keys, so it's possible the vehicle was loaded into a van. A vehicle alarm did sound in between these hours but the owner did not go out to investigate.
There has been a theft of rear light cluster from a Range Rover in North Cray Road Bexley. This occurred overnight from 12-13th July. We are advising owners of range/ land rovers to park close to their property or in their garage. You can also mark the light bulb itself with a UV pen to deter theft and make it traceable if stolen.
Elsewhere in St Mary's and St James Ward :
A burglary occurred in Cold Blow Crescent on 17/7/18 from 1510-1715hrs. The owner returned home and upon entering the front door the house alarm sounded. They went into the dining room discover rear patio doors had been smashed. It is believed they may of disturbed the suspect(s) who were not present. They have also found that their fence panels were damaged. Door to door enquires have been completed in the road, no information has come to light at present. No property was taken.
At 1515hrs on the 17/7 the home owner of a property in Wansunt Road heard their doorbell ring twice. They went to have a look and could see a young male peering through the rear garden window. When he realised he was spotted he hopped over the fence into the alleyway heading towards St Marys Church Bexley Village. Police were called and an area search was completed which resulted in no trace. No damage was caused to the property.