NCRA NewsMail

17 August 2018 

Neighbourhood Watch Update

Thanks to Dana Wiffen, Chairman, Neighbourhood Watch Office for the following borough-wide Neighbourhood Watch news :

Rogue Traders & Distraction Burglary - This crime rates as the lowest of the low and last Thursday's report highlighted Belvedere and Crook Log wards having reports of this crime. The best solution is never buy anything at the door and anyone turning up suggesting you come out and look at your roof as you have problems is normally trying to distract you while someone else pops inside your home looking for money and valuables. Just say NO to these people and shut the door. ---- Anti-Social Behaviour - With the summer holidays comes increased bad behaviour from some youths and last week's report highlighted ASB in Belvedere, Crook Log & Bexleyheath wards. Please don't be shy to report behaviour that is either a constant nuisance or could be endangering residents in your area.

Thanks to PCSO Angel Parnell From Police SNT Team for the following local Neighbourhood Watch news :

On Tuesday 7/8/18 between 1630-1645hrs a works tool was stolen from contractors working on Hurst Road near Bexley Village. None of the contractors witnessed the item taken, neither is there any CCTV available.
A theft of bank cards occurred sometime between 3pm on 8/8/18 and 0920hrs on 9/8/18. The lady was in Bexley Village for lunch on the 8th and paid using her cards. She checked her bank statement in the morning on the 9th and has noticed transactions she did not make. She checked her rucksack where her purse was placed and discovered it missing. It's unknown at what point the card was taken due to the long time frame. The bank has reimbursed any bogus transactions. Please remember to secure your belongings making sure all zips / buttons are done up and do not leave items unattended. You could purchase 'purse bells'to attach to your purse or bag zip, which in turn will alert you of unexpected movement of your belongings.
On Wednesday 8/8/18 between 1130-1315hrs a vehicle was broken into in the car park behind Bexley High Street, forcing its sliding the door with an unknown tool. Computer equipment, a purse and a works tool were stolen. Please take any valuables with you or lock them out of sight.
During the time period of Tuesday 31/7/18 - Saturday 11/8/18 informant was on holiday and parked their vehicle in Elmington Close Bexley. During this time their number plates have been stolen. Your local garage may supply tamper proof number plates screws for free or these may be able to be purchased online or instore for a small fee.
Overnight from Thursday 9th- Friday 10th August, a van was broken into on Albert Road by using a screwdriver, luckily no items were taken.
Due to a number of ASB incidents ongoing in and around the Ellenborough Road Estate Officers have been conducting plain clothes patrols in the area and also working with the local authorities and housing associations regarding individual cases. Patrols will continue with robust action being taken if we continue to receive reports.
PC Rose will be in Woodstock Close and Grangewood on Tuesday 21/8/18 visiting residents as part of the 'Street-a-Week' campaign.


A couple of members have asked for an update on the 'Stray Dog in Parsonage Lane'. Information is very sketchy, but we understand that the dog has been found and has been taken to a rescue centre where he/she is being well looked after.