NCRA NewsMail

31 August 2018 

Neighbourhood Watch Update

Thanks to PCSO Angel Parnell for the following update :

Motor Vehicle Crime - From 24th-25th overnight 2 vehicles were parked on victims driveway on Harvill Road. Suspects have gained access to one of the cars before finding car keys to the 2nd vehicle and driving off in it. On 29th of August there was a road traffic collision in Harrow Manor Way Thamesmead whereby 3 males decamped from the vehicle. Checks completed on the vehicle found it was the stolen vehicle from Harvill Road on false number plates. The vehicles has been seized for forensic preservation and the investigation is ongoing.
Motor Vehicle Crime - On the 28/8/18 at 1545hrs a vehicle had its window smashed in Love Lane with a catapult. This was witnessed by member of the public who left a note on the victim's car. A partial registration plate was given of the suspect's vehicle and enquires and the investigation is still ongoing.
Motor Vehicle Crime - From 28th-29th overnight the victim parked their vehicle on Maidstone Road when she returned she found her vehicle missing, it was also noted the number plates from her friends vehicle parked next to it, were also stolen, likely to of been placed on the stolen vehicle. No keys have been taken for the vehicle and we have marked it as stolen on our police computer systems, in the event it flags up on one of our number plate reader cameras.
Bexley Village - On Saturday 25th August a number of young children aged between 10-16yrs of age were running in and out of a shop in Bourne Parade Bexley whereby they stole a bottle of wine. Staff confiscated the bottle from the youths but found the product has already started to be consumed. - PC Rose will be in Chantry Close & Burdett Close this week on w/c 3rd September going door to door speaking to residents as part of Street-a-Week.
Email: Tel: 020 8721 2816 Twitter: @MPSStMarysRY

From a Horse Watch Member :
We have been informed by Old Bexley Equestrian Centre that persons unknown have been cutting their boundary fencing to gain access to Joydens Woods, allowing access across the large turnout field from Tile Kiln Lane. Their horses have managed to get out during the night onto the road and are getting injured on the loose wire. The local police have been informed. If you witness anyone acting suspiciously in the vicinity please let us know so that we may warn other riders and also contact the police. The St. Marys and St.James Safer Neighbourhoods Policing Team phone number is 0208 721 2816.