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6 September 2018 

Neighbourhood Watch Update

Thanks to PCSO Angel Parnell for the following update :

A co-ordinator has informed us that upon returning home on Friday he noticed that the lawn in his front garden had been cut by person/s unknown, Later, during the evening he spotted a white van with 2 people in parked opposite his property. They stayed there for 30 mins before driving off and passing the house again. The occupants of this vehicle may be totally unconnected but it is possible that they had returned to collect money for cutting the lawn which they took upon themselves to do. Beware of cold callers offering to carry out work. If you experience a caller visiting saying that they have carried out gardening or maintenance services without your knowledge and demanding payment dial 999 immediately giving as much of a description as possible.
Good News - On Thursday 30th of August at 0054hrs police were called to Davis Way, Sidcup for reports of 3 males attempting to steal a motorcycle. Police arrived on scene hastily and suspects ran from the scene and starburst. One of the suspects was detained instantly as he ran in front of one of the police units coming to assist. A second suspect was found after a member of public called police stating a male could be seen squatting in a bush. A containment was put in place and a police dog unit was requested to assist. The 2nd suspect was found by the police dog. At present it is still unknown whom the 3rd suspect is despite extensive police searches. Both males were arrested and charged with going equipped for theft of motor vehicle & vehicle interference.
From 29/8-30/8 a van was broken into in the Holiday Inn car park Black Prince Interchange. The rear lock had been broken and an untidy search was carried out through the van. A metal container was also inside the van which was locked, this had been damaged but no access gained. No items were stolen. CCTV enquiries ongoing.
On 25/8/18 at 2130hrs, occupant of property in Cocksure Lane heard a noise when they went to look she noticed the beading to her hallway window had been removed. It is believed to be an attempted burglary no property has been stolen. Forensics have attended, and could not recover any suitable swabs.
From 29/8-30/8 A van has been broken into in Chambers Avenue Sidcup causing damage to rear door & driver's door, tools were stolen.
From 25/8- 28/8 Suspects climbed over a 8ft fence in order to gain access to a container located in the Premises of The Coach & Horses Pub North Cray Rd. The have smashed a window using a brick. Various hand tools have been stolen. Local CCTV enquires are ongoing
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