NCRA NewsMail

9 October 2018 


Thanks to all those members who sent in their recollections of the Cedar Trees in North Cray which Jean Gammons has collated as follows :

From Norman:
The other Cedar and the one shown in the photograph were wind damaged some years ago. The Council deemed the missing Cedar to be beyond saving, despite it appearing to be OK, some claptrap about rot, and cut it down. The remaining Cedar was 'butchered' at the same time. The young Cedars around the Spinney/Grove were planted as an after thought to placate residents. 

There was another Cedar, partially on the pavement, at the beginning of The Grove, which blew down in a storm and was removed by the Council. Hence the unusual width of the pavement at this point. 

Finally, there was another Cedar in the front garden of a house opposite the corner of The Grove/ Spinney which may no longer be there.

From Martin:
The other cedar was taken down some 5 years ago by the Council, due to it being diseased/ rotten/ dangerous. 4 or 5 small ones were planted as long term replacements 

From Marie:
Regarding the two Cedar Trees in the meadows near to the Spinney. I recall one of these was chopped down several years ago which the council said at the time was due to storm damage which had made it unsafe. There was also one close to St James Church which was chopped down for the same reason.