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18 October 2018

Neighbourhood Watch Update 

Thanks to Dana Wiffen, Chairman, Neighbourhood Watch Office for sending the following update :

If you are a Coordinator or resident of St.Mary's & St.James Ward, why not pop along to meet someone from your NW Office, your Dedicated Ward Police Officers and fellow Coordinators from your Ward? It is tonight (Thursday 18th October 2018) from 6pm-8pm at Old Dartfordians Community Sports Club, War Memorial Club House, Bourne Rd, Bexley DA5 1LW. It is just off the first roundabout near the Holiday Inn Hotel and just outside of Bexley Village. There is parking
From Julie Powell, Trading Standards
We have had several reports where residents have received a call from someone pretending to be a Detective, they tell the person that there is a fraud at their bank and they need their help to carry out the investigation. The person is asked to go to the bank to draw money out (usually thousands of pounds) so that the money can be checked, but are told the bank staff could be part of the fraud so not to say anything. The fraudsters tell the resident to keep the mobile phone call open whilst they go to the bank. The fraudsters then either send someone to the house to collect the money or asked to meet someone at a set time and place to hand over the money. Another story they use is to say that someone who has been arrested has the residents' credit card details or that their card has been used fraudulently, they then try to get people to reveal their card numbers. Sadly several residents have paid out to this scam as the fraudsters are so convincing and people genuinely believe that are assisting the police. Last week it was reported that an elderly resident had paid out £5000 to this scam and then received a call asking for assistance with another investigation telling him to go to a jewellers to buy a Rolex watch, luckily the jewellers realised it was a scam and this transaction did not take place. Generally we are seeing an increase in telephone scams with fraudsters also pretending to be from your bank, HMRC or your telephone provider. Some calls have been quite threatening where residents are told for example they owe money and if they don't pay they will get arrested. If you receive one of these calls end it immediately without providing information. We suggest you call your bank or organisation using a number known to you, not one provided by the caller. Call from another phone, or call a friend first to ensure the offenders have been disconnected from your line. If you've handed over any personal bank details to the fraudster, call your bank and cancel your cards immediately.
From PCSO Pauline Cimen, Police SNT Team
Tel: 020 8721 2816 
Twitter: @MPSStMarysRY
Dedicated Ward Officers: PC Peter Rose - PC Mark Smith - PCSO Pauline Cimen - PCSO Angel Parnell
Wednesday 10th October 2018 - 2251-2258 hours - Bedens Road - Theft from motor vehicle - Window smashed - hand tools taken
Thursday 11th October 2018 - 0110-0113 hours - Albert Road - Theft from motor vehicle - Window smashed - unknown what items taken
Sunday 14th October 2018 - 0115-1737 - Non-residential burglary - Bullers Close - Shed broken into - Nothing stolen - Motor Bike was in the shed so possibly was after this item
Wednesday 10th October 2018 - 1630-0903 hours - Palm Avenue - Theft from motor vehicle - Number plates stolen
Saturday 13th- Monday 15th October 2018 -1000-1512 hours - Honeydene Road - Non residential Burglary - Garage broken into - Leisure equipment and hand tools taken
MEET AND GREET & NW COORDINATORS MEETING - THURSDAY 18TH OCTOBER - 6PM-8PM - OLD DARTFORDIAN COMMNITY SPORTS HALL. Please come and meet the team and your NW Chairman if you are a Coordinator, or sign up if not. We look forward to meeting you all.