NCRA NewsMail

18 October 2018

Burglary Alert 

The following message was received today from a member in The Grove :


Sorry I haven't had time to email in but wanted to let you know about a car break in also a potential house break in, on Saturday 29th September, around 2am we heard a key in our front door, my dog barked and scared them away, we didn't really know what had happened until the morning when we came out and my husband truck and my car had all doors a jar, they have stolen many items and tools also I believe if it wasn't for my dog they would of got in, my husband had left a key in the glove box which we picked up that day, we changed locks and also changed alarm system. 

I wanted to let you know so everyone can keep an eye out. 

Also another thing I noticed last night around 6.30pm was motor bikes 3 of them again in the arches my husband and I was out for a walk with my dog and we had to put her on a lead as she was nearly hit by one.

We have copied this NewsMail to our local SNT Police Team.