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13 November 2018


Dear members,

Attached is the letter of Objection we have submitted to Planning about the above proposed development. A copy was sent to our MP, James Brokensure, who has replied indicating that we have his support. To help you to further understand the background to the previous attempts to develop the site, I attach a copy of the letter we sent in January 2018. Disappointingly, this previous application to build houses was successful. And, as in the past, yet another application quickly followed - this time for an even more intensive development of the site, increasing the number of houses from six to 67.

Both attachments will require you to enter the user-name 'member' followed by the 'Member's password'.

Those who consulted, through Bexley's website, the 26 documents submitted by Fairfax in support of its case will have found, as I did, that the number of pages totalled 664. Perhaps Fairfax was hoping that, by deluging Planning with paper, it would have insufficient time to thoroughly read and analyse Fairfax's statements. If any member did, they would have seen that Fairfax were making some outrageous and exaggerated claims. For example, that the site was particularly appropriate because of the local "excellent infrastructure and its closeness to a bus service". Virtually all the letters of Objection sent in by members repudiated this outrageously false claim by Fairfax. And what did any member make of what Fairfax were offering in place of the destruction of this part of North Cray's open Green Belt and Heritage Land? Its Acoustic Planning Report let slip that noise levels from traffic on the North Cray Road were in excess of WHO guidance and that acoustic grade fencing would be needed to ensure an acceptable outdoor living environment. Amazingly, Fairfax still went on to offer to provide, in the centre of the development (one with several internal roads!) - a Public Open Space for the Community. Would anyone from our community wish to sit in such a place - behind acoustic fencing but remaining within earshot of traffic noise from the North Cray Road and breathing in the air pollution this traffic creates. I think not.

And what of the 500 flyers Fairfax claim were distributed throughout North Cray? Only one has been heard of, the flyer that flew away to another location: Sidcup Hill.

At the time of writing, 60 letters of Objection have been submitted to Planning, including those from the CPRE- London (Campaign for the Protection of Rural England), the Bexley Civic Society and several neighbouring residents associations.

Here, I would like to take this opportunity of personally thanking the members of our Committee who gave their time and invaluable input to help me with the task: Mick Doughty (who spent days studying Green Belt legislation for para 3 of our letter to ensure that the case we were making was sound), Nik Carter (who organised all the letters sent in to The Committee and ensured that each one was personally acknowledged with its thanks), Chris Moon (who designed our flyer) and David Jones who delivered over 60 copies to residents of the Bedens Field Estate (outside our membership area) to make them aware of what was being proposed just across the road from them. And all our Volunteers (including Jean Mason) who delivered the flyer to residents in our membership area. And of course the 50 plus members and other residents who took time out from their busy lives to write to Planning in support of our Association's efforts. My thanks to you all.

Jean Gammons

Attachments :

Objection letter-Nov 2018 

Letter-Jan 2018