NCRA NewsMail

13 November 2018

Suspicious man / car thief

NCRA has received a number of reports today of a man acting suspiciously, he was wandering into driveways and looking into cars. 

At 3.30 am today in Barton road a man was disturbed when found in a member's car. 

A man was again seen looking into cars at 5.20 am today in St James Way.

A further report was received of a man looking into cars very early this morning in Cocksure Lane (time not reported). 

A car was broken into in Parsonage Lane this morning but fortunately nothing stolen.

Two of the reports gave a description of the man alternatively as a black male in a padded black coat and as a black man with gold teeth, about 6' 2" tall and dressed all in black. 

Please be aware and keep your cars locked.

Any further sightings should be reported to out local Police Safer Neighbourhood Team :

Tel: 020 8721 2816
Twitter: @MPSStMarysRY