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17 November 2018

Neighbourhood Watch Update

Thanks to a Neighbourhood Watch Member  in The Grove for the following alert :

Overnight on 4th/5th November a wheelie bin was emptied and used to get over the rear fence of a property which backs onto Cray Meadows. The culprit broke into an outbuilding by smashing a window. It is unknown if anything was stolen. The Neighbourhood Watch office advise that bins are not left unsecured. Ideally, put them away in a locked area.

Thanks to PCSO Pauline Cimen from Police SNT Team for the following update :

Saturday 10th - Sunday 11th November 2018 - 0001-2050 hrs - Garage Burglary - North Glade - Garage door forced open - Cycle equipment/camping equipment/hand tools taken
Sunday 11th - Tuesday 13th November 2018 - 2030-0910 hrs - Theft from Motor Vehicle - O/S Holiday Inn - Side door damaged - Tools taken
Monday 12th - Tuesday13th November 2018 - 1600-0648 hrs - Theft from Motor Vehicle - O/S Holiday inn - Laptop Stolen
Saturday 10th November 2018 - 0200 hrs - Burglary - Bedens Road - Victim was in his living room at the time so suspect was disturbed. No items stolen. Victim ran towards Ellenborough Estate.
The team will be conducting street a week. If you would like to be part of the Ward Panel please let the team know. 
Tel: 020 8721 2816
Twitter: @MPSStMarysRY
Dedicated Ward Officers: PC Peter Rose - PC Mark Smith - PCSO Pauline Cimen - PCSO Angel Parnell