NCRA NewsMail

20 November 2018

Three Alert messages :

Thanks to those local residents and NCRA Members who sent the following messages :

First message - from Billie :

Hi can you just put this message out there. Please beware of bogus phone calls about problems with your internet. I have just received one this morning saying my internet had been compromised. A man with vary poor English called to say He was calling from BT to let me know my internet was being used by other people and I needed to connect to the internet to so they could stop others from being able to access my details. These are fraudulent calls just to gain access to all of your details. If you get one of these calls just put the phone down. Or if your bored tell them to hold on and go make a cup of tea they will ring of in the end. Enjoy the rest of your day Billie 


Second message - from a member in St James way :

My Message is : our friends car passenger side window was broken into last night and the back tailgate was broken where entry had been tried to get in. Nothing in car to be taken, and only discovered it when they were leaving at 11pm 


Third message - from a member on behalf of Doughnut Hales Dicky via Bexleyheath News & Gossip :

We were burgled yesterday (19th November 2018).
We live on North Cray rd Bexley village just up from the coach and horses.

A safe was smashed out of the of the wall whch contained lots of personal items like Christmas cards sent to me from my dead son.
I realise all the cash and jewellery will be lost forever but if anyone comes across a green metal safe please message me as most of the contents would be discarded as rubbish by the low life scum that stole it,
Many thanks for reading.