NCRA NewsMail

18 December 2018


February saw a breach of Kent's sea defences by a tidal surge, carrying away the flood barriers at Dartford; every community between Woolwich and Margate was under water and thousands were evacuated from their homes. In March, Joseph Stalin died, after ruling Russia for 30 years; and a few days later Queen Mary, the widow of George V, also died. On 1 June Edmund Hilary and Tensing, the Sherpa who accompanied him, reached the summit of Everest - the world's highest mountain. On 2 June Queen Elizabeth was crowned at Westminser Abbey. In July, after the loss of two million lives, the Korean War ended. Plans were announced in October for a commercial television service.

Philip Nash had now become the Chairman of the NCRA and at its meeting on 11 May, the Committee agreed to write to the local press about the ill-treatment of the Swans on the River Cray. 

The AGM was held on 24 September at the North Cray Place Club. 

The main issue of concern to the NCRA throughout 1953 was the Council's Compulsory Purchase Order enabling it to buy Beden's Field for houses. At a meeting with the Council in November it was learnt that the intention was to build on approximately three of the acres available, with the remaining land being left as part of the green stretch along the river bank. The battle with the Council was to continue into 1954...