NCRA NewsMail

3 January 2019

Update on Two men behaving suspiciously

Following our NewsMail re two men who appeared to be behaving in a suspicious manner, we have received a further report from Steve Gaines in Gattons Way reporting a possibly related incident :

My Message is : Next door neighbour in Gattons Way have had white youth in light coloured jacket jump into their garden and steal some tools . Confronted neighbours and then jumped back over fence and ran down lane. Police have attended and are now searching the area.

We also had an interesting comment from Chris Puckridge in Gattons Way who wrote :

Looking at the photo they appear to be very close to the location of a GEOCACHE that is hidden in one of the bushes on the bank. As the one in grey looked quite young and appears to be looking at something, possibly his phone it is possible they are searching out the GEOCACHE.

It is one of several hidden in and around the lanes and Joydens Wood and often the 'seekers' look very odd walking backwards and forwards in the bushes!!

It is always a good chance they maybe up to no good but just thought I would let you know.

We put this suggestion to the member who made the original report and he is fairly certain that they were not looking for a geocache, but definitely up to no good.