NCRA NewsMail

31 January 2019


We have received the following message from Candy Rolton : 


Today I have experienced something that I found most distressing. 

As I walked to collect my great niece from school. I crossed the Five Arches Bridge. A fisherman was there(again) He had a live fish about 7inches long on his line. The fish swam into the weeds. He hoiked it out and planted it back into the middle of the river. 

Within moments a bigger fish (about 20inches) latched onto it. 

The fisherman pulled on his line and I witnessed this poor small fish being eaten alive. He put the line back into the water and when sure that the small fish was eaten and big fish hooked he pulled up the line. I watched as the huge fish thrashed about, eventually breaking the line and swimming off with the hook still in its mouth. 

If my great niece or indeed any other children had witnessed this they would have been distraught. Indeed I was and still am very upset. 

I did phone the borough but quite frankly what is the point...they SOMETIMES send a ranger but invariably much later. 

Please, can we have some communication between all concerned and stop this once and for all. 

Candy Rolton