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5 February 2019

Further comments re The Meadows

Thanks to Jane Bonotto Campbell and another member for the following comments :

My Message is : 

I am continually distressed to see the severe cutting back of shrubs on the small islands at the Meadows Five Arches. 

We all know that last year a lot of the water fowl were attacked by young adolescents with air guns and how easy access is to nesting. 

I was informed the vegetation would grow back in time but can see it has been cut back even more. 

This leaves little protection for nesting in severe weather and acts of violence.

It would be devastating to see our swans, geese and other water fowl without the next generation. 

We lost all our signets, the level of water fowl has diminished. 

We need to ensure they have the best chances surely. 

Kind regards

Jane Bonotto Campbell 

From another member re. the canoeist

I saw the same guy he said he was a photographer...and he said had got a couple of good ones, i thought he meant photos..