NCRA NewsMail

9 February 2019

Meadows Sub-Committee

Building on the good work being done by the Meadows Action Group that was formed at our AGM last year last year (see NewsMail of 30 June 2018) three other members have now joined Rosie and Lynne. 

They are : Muriel, Candy and Janet. 

These five ladies are totally committed to trying to get something done about anti-social behaviour on the Meadows: illegal fishing, attacks on wildlife, aggressive dogs and quad bikes. 

In seeking a resolution to all these problems, they will be speaking to users of the Meadows, Officers of the Bexley Council, our local SNT Police team, the Environment Agency and groups such as Friends of Footscray Meadows and Thames 21. 

Their aim is to consider what might be done, what costs would be involved and to recommend the best way forward. 

To do this they have come together to act as a sub-committee of the Association. 

We send them our good wishes, and our gratitude for taking on the task of trying to find a resolution to all the problems that have increasingly emerged over the last year. 

The Committee