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15 February 2019

New post on Bexley Wildlife opposing the new incinerator on the marshes at Belvedere

Thanks to Jonathan Rooks and Karen Sutton for sending the following message opposing the new incinerator on the marshes at Belvedere :

For those of you that are opposed to Cory Energy's plans to build another waste incinerator in Belvedere (on the north-east boundary of Crossness Nature Reserve), you might like to sign this electronic petition created by Jon Cruddas MP.

Jon represents Dagenham, Rainham, South Hornchurch and Elm Park on the north of the River Thames. He has grave concerns about the effect of Cory's proposed 'Riverside Energy Park' on air quality in the area. As such, he has set up this very easy petition. If you feel strongly about the idea of a second waste incinerator in Belvedere, I would urge you to sign it. You only need to provide your details and say whether or not you want to be kept in the loop about the way the campaign progresses (you can select not to receive any further communication); you don't have to write an actual objection, so it is really very simple. If you feel inclined to, please sign the petition here

You might also feel inspired to do so by watching Jon's short video here. 

Clearly his concern is on air quality in Essex with the prevailing westerlies, but we should also be concerned since the facility will be right here in Belvedere, as close to Crossness Nature Reserve as it is possible to get.

Many thanks for your support.