NCRA NewsMail

4 March 2019

Time To Say Goodbye

It is with sadness that we publish the following message from our Chairman, David Cook. :

Dear Members

It is with some considerable regret that, this last week, I have informed the Committee of my decision to resign my post as Chairman of the North Cray Residents Association. There is never a good time to take such action as it always seems we are in the middle of some contentious issue we are fighting. I did, in fact, announce to the Committee last spring that, in the not too distant future, I would need to stand down as I knew there were going to be family issues and related pressures that were going to impact on my time and that of my wife, Jacky. My decision, therefore, has not come as a total surprise to my colleagues. Personal issues have, however, meant I have needed to 'take a bow' earlier than anticipated. I should also add that Jacky has relinquished her role as Newsletter Editor and we will both be standing down from the Committee.

Since I was invited, by John and Bridget Harrington, to take over as Chairman in 2009, the Committee and I have always aspired to raise the profile of the Association and expand its influence. This has included enhancing both the quality and breadth of content of our AGM Notifications and Autumn Newsletters, together with the launch of our website and the introduction of GroupMails and NewsMails to keep you immediately informed of latest developments. However, after nearly ten years as Chairman it is probably a good time for me to move on and allow someone with new ideas and fresh energies to help take the Association forward - someone who will, of course, be supported by a very able and hard-working Committee who, I know, will continue to take the Association from strength to strength.

We are often told that the North Cray Residents Association is by far the largest and most influential such association in Bexley Borough and its surrounding areas and the Committee will be continuing to build on its well-earned reputation. We have had tremendous successes in recent years in protecting our Green Belt and Heritage Land but we need your continued help to keep on top of what seems to be an ever-increasing determination by site owners and developers to destroy our wonderful open environment. Please continue to give the Association your every support whenever it is needed.

Very best wishes to you all for the future.

David Cook

I am sure that all members will join us when we thank David and his wife Jacky for all the hard work and commitment that they have shown in over the past 10 years in support of the North Cray Residents Association.