NCRA NewsMail

8 April 2019

Message from a member

Following our NewsMail dated 5th April that reported Bexley's planned changes to the 'Recycling Service, we have received the following comment from a member in Cornell Close : 

Good afternoon

Since my medium brown bin was taken by Bexley I have shared the cost of large brown bin with neighbour but it's too heavy to keep lifting black bin from rear garden to front as the medium bin could be wheeled into my back garden helping my back and neighbours can no longer sweep leaves as they have no bins at all since new price and large size bins were enforced by Bexley without consultation Bexley should have left medium bins with us as ok for our garden the large ones too big too heavy and cannot be brought through house hence I'm straining my back lifting black bin it's a disgrace I'm paying for something that is far too big and heavy we should have had a choice we think this was very bad choice to enforce such large bins the medium bins were perfect