NCRA NewsMail

11 April 2019

Message from PC Sophie Scott 

Hello everyone,

Just a quick update regarding the card fraud at the cash machines in Bexley Village for those of you that aren't on social media....

As you know from one of my previous emails over the last few months camera devices and card retaining devices have been placed on the cash machines in Bexley Village, predominantly on the cash machine at NISA. Unfortunately Pete and I were only made aware of this a couple of weeks ago and since then we have been busy gathering CCTV evidence of this and identifying the suspects. We managed to identify two males responsible for this from the CCTV and last night we carried out some late night plain clothed patrols in the village. At approximately midnight last night we observed one of these males approach the cash machine and place the devices on it. He was subsequently detained and arrested.

While in custody it became apparent that he had been convicted of fraud on several previous occasions, even serving time in prison for it. We also found out that he had been served a deportation order and had failed to turn up for a meeting. I am pleased to say that he will not be leaving custody and he will be deported to his country of origin. Arrangements are being made as I write this email.

Unfortunately we were not able to apprehend the second male involved. However enquiries are still ongoing to apprehend this male. I doubt he will be back to the village. However please keep an eye out for the vehicle they were using, a blue Toyota Prius marked up as a Data Cars cab with the registration LR17EHN. If seen in the area please contact police immediately on 999.

Lastly, please can we remind you to be vigilant at cash machines when using them. Please be aware of who is around you and always shield your PIN number when typing it in. Also have a look at the cash machine itself before using it to check there are not any cameras placed above the keypad. Report any suspicious behaviour to police.

For the remainder of the weekend we will be calling on those residents still waiting for smart water. Kind Regards

PC Sophie Scott
DWO - St Mary's & St James' Safer Neighbourhood Team
Marlowe House
0208 721 2816