NCRA NewsMail

20 April 2019

Banking Scam

Thanks to James Rust in The Spinney for sending this account of an attempted bank scam :

My grandfather is 86 and lives in Longlands Park Crescent, Sidcup, but I thought this is relevant.

He received a call during the week from someone pretending to be from Barclays. Believing them to be genuine he gave his account details, then thinking it odd he called Barclays who confirmed it wasn't them. He went straight to the branch in Sidcup and had everything changed, and Barclays confirmed that a fraudulent attempt had been made on his account.

This has left him upset, reluctant to use his account, reluctant to go out or even answer the phone; he says he feels violated. I wouldn't want this to happen to anyone else. 

Please be vigilant.