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15 May 2019

St Mary's and St James Ward - Ward Update

Thanks to PC Sophie Scott for the following update :

Hello again everyone,

Another update for you...


On 12/05/2019 at 0220 hours two males were seen on CCTV trying car door handles in University Gardens and one of the males was seen to walk up a drive way where he has ripped the keypad entry to the garage off the wall. It is believed he was trying to gain access to the garage. Fortunately he was unsuccessful. The CCTV was not clear and scenes of crimes officers were unable to get any forensic evidence from the keypad or a bottle he left nearby. 

On 15/05/2019 between 0830 & 0845 hours a burglary occurred at Baldwyns Park. The occupants were home at the time and downstairs. One of the occupants heard a noise upstairs and when they went to investigate found the bathroom window open and muddy shoe prints on the windowsill and floor. The suspects were disturbed by the occupant and escaped without being seen. It is believed the suspect has managed to climb up on to the flat roof once access to the rear garden had been gained. We will be conducting neighbour and CCTV enquiries in the road today. 


We have been very fortunate lately and burglary on the ward has been low. The weather is becoming warmer now and therefore windows and rear doors will be left open. The vast amount of burglaries have seen the suspect(s) enter via the rear of properties. Please ensure that any side accesses to your properties are secured and your rear gardens are secured with strong gates and fencing which are high. Heavy duty padlocks/locks (multiple) if possible. Plastic spike strips can be placed along the top of perimeter walls and fencing. Alternatively certain plants can be placed around the perimeter of the garden to prevent anyone wanting to climb over which may look a little more pleasing on the eye. 

Don't forget your sheds! As well as placing a burglar alarm on your house, it may be worth considering a shed alarm if you keep valuable tools/gardening equipment or bikes in them. Smart water can be used to mark personal property within the home and sheds. If you do not have smart water, it can be purchased on (click on 'shop' on the main menu. If your road is covered by NHW then you will be able to purchase at a discounted rate. Please contact us for the code). 


Between 30/04/2019 (1630 hours) & 01/05/2019 (0900 hours) on Harvill Road front & rear number plates were stolen from a Mercedes. 

On 02/05/2019 at 1127 hours a van was parked in the car park in Bexley Village (off Bexley High Street). Suspect had attempted to break in to it by damaging the locks. 

Another van was successfully broken in to in the same car park while parked there on 11/05/2019 between 1020 & 1120 hours. Tools, alarms and camera equipment were stolen from the van. 

Between 06/05/2019 (2000 hours) & 07/05/2019 (0630 hours) on Wansunt Road some driving documents were stolen from a BMW parked on the owners driveway. 

Between 07/05/2019 (2100 hours) & 08/05/2019 (0900 hours) a blue VW GOLF (66 plate) was stolen from outside a business premises at The Old Mill in Bexley Village. 

On 10/05/2019 between 0100 hours and 0730 hours a Land rover was stolen from a driveway on Upton Road South. Fortunately it had a tracker fitted and was located to a road in Dartford where it was found parked up. It was recovered back to the owners. 

Between 10/05/2019 (2300 hours) & 11/05/2019 (0930 hours) a holdall containing clothing and a small amount of cash was stolen from a vehicle in St Thomas Court. 

In the early hours of 12/05/2019 several cars were interfered with along Glenhurst Road and University Gardens. The suspects are believed to be the same. Caught on CCTV. Unfortunately the CCTV we have seen hasn't been clear enough to identify anyone. The suspects are two males. One is wearing a cap and has either a coat or body warmer with a fur trimmed hood. They are seen walking along the roads and trying car door handles. It appears the cars they have managed to enter have been left unlocked. 


Please remember to double check that your car is locked. Even if you are leaving it unattended for a short period of time. 

If you have a keyless car and have not done so already, it is worth purchasing a 'faraday pouch' This is a small pouch which prevents a signal being transmitted from the key when it is placed inside the pouch. Whenever you are not using the car, whether you are at home or have parked it and are out shopping etc then the key needs to be placed in to the pouch. Alternatively you can use a small metal tin to put the key inside. Thieves are using scanning devices which boost the signal from the key fob, which then enables them to unlock and drive away your car as the car believes the scanning device with the signal which has been boosted is your key. They can do this by standing by you while you're in possession of the key fob or by standing outside your house while the key fob is inside. 

Please do not leave any valuable items inside your car even if it is being unattended for a short period of time. This includes the documentation for your car. The V5 document and any service information can be left at home. Insurance documents can be photographed or accessed via email. 

Unfortunately tool theft is on the increase. If you are going to leave a van or work vehicle unattended, even for a short period, and are not able to remove any valuable tools from it, then it is worth ensuring that your van is locked and it is worth considering fitting extra secure locks such as metal hasp locks or dead locks. It may also be worth considering fitting a site box inside the van which is bolted to the floor and an alarm which is not just the factory fitted one. It takes 2 minutes or less for thieves to smash windows or drill locks out of vans and steal tools. 


We have been made aware that a female was assaulted on 13/05/2019 while confronting some males who were fishing in Cray Meadows. Investigations are ongoing in relation to trying to identify and apprehend the suspect. We will be conducting patrols in the meadows. Should you happen to see anyone fishing please let the council and us know and be careful not to place yourselves in any danger. 

Unfortunately it is proving difficult to catch the males riding around the fields behind Wansunt Road & Dukes Orchard. Please continue to report this to us and we will try our very best to get there as quick as we can. Unfortunately we are not always in possession of a vehicle to get there as quickly as we would like. PC Rose is in the process of finding out who owns the land on which the gates are situated. Once this has been established we will try and speak with the land owner to try and get some metal gates put in place which will prevent them from being able to get through as the wooden ones get broken too easily. 

Lastly we have had complaints of untaxed vehicles being left in roads for long periods of time. The tax can be checked on If the vehicle is untaxed and is on a council road/property then any member of the public can report this to the council on the website or via the 'fix my street' app. The council will then remove the vehicle. Alternatively if the vehicle is parked on private property then it is the land owners responsibility to get the vehicle removed. 

Police will not deal with this. 

Kind Regards

PC Sophie Scott 
DWO - St Mary's & St James' Safer Neighbourhood Team 
Marlowe House 
0208 721 2816