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22 May 2019

St Mary's and St James Ward - Ward update.

Thanks to PC Sophie Scott for sending this Police News Update.

Hello everyone,

In the past week there have been two non residential burglaries and one residential burglary. The ward has also unfortunately suffered with more incidents of vehicle crime this week.

On 16/05/2019 between 1100 hours & 1330 hours two garages were broken in to by The South Glade. The locks had been cut and tools taken from inside.

On 21/05/2019 between 1510 & 1520 hours two male suspects broke in to a house on Dartford Road. They were caught on camera at the victim's address arriving on a dark coloured moped with a small box on the back, removing two crowbars from the bike and kicking the side gate open where they then forced open the back door using the crowbars and entered the property. The victim's house alarm was activated which disturbed the suspects who made off empty handed on the moped towards Bexley Village. It is believed they have been involved in at least one other burglary on another local ward. The suspects were also seen by a resident of Wansunt Road to be circling around paying attention to houses just prior to the burglary in Dartford Road.

Unfortunately the suspects were wearing gloves and did not remove their helmets at any time so we were not able to lift any forensic evidence at the scene which would be able to identify them and their faces are not able to be seen well enough to establish an identity from the CCTV.

I know many roads are creating WhatsApp groups or have NHW schemes in place. Please stay vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour to police immediately. If you see something suspicious please try to take note in as much details as possible (descriptions of suspects, vehicles and registration if possible)

If you do not have a burglar alarm, please consider installing one. It doesn't necessarily deter thieves from breaking in but in the vast majority of cases the alarm sounding loud is enough to spook the suspects significantly decreasing the chances of any property being stolen. Also please consider tightening security around side gates and perimeter fencing/walls.

On 15/05/2019 between 1845 & 1920 hours a BMW parked on St George's Road was entered (no evidence of forced entry - possibly left unlocked) and some sunglasses were stolen from the centre console.

Between 1200 hours on 10/05/2019 & 1215 hours on 17/10/2019 a Mercedes parked on a drive in Thanet road was entered by unknown suspect and £20 stolen from centre console. Again no sign of forced entry so it was likely left unlocked.

On 19/05/2019 at approximately 1830 hours an IC1 male aged between 25-35 years old attended an address in Hurst Road on the pretence of buying a 63 plate red Audi A1 sport and then stole the vehicle after asking to test drive it.

On 20/05/2019 at approximately 0100 hours a black 15 plate Range Rover was stolen from an address in Hurst Road (Bexley Village end). They vehicle was keyless and stolen without the key/fob.

On 22/05/2019 at 1010 hours a grey VW Tiguan (68 plate) was stolen from Honeydale farm, Maidstone Road. As the owner was returning to the vehicle they saw a white male in his 20's sitting in the driver's seat. The Tiguan has then made off at speed with a second suspect who was in a Blue VW transporter van. These were pursued almost immediately by a passing Kent Police car. We then witnessed the VW transporter van speeding along Station Road, Sidcup where the suspect crashed and abandoned it on Hatherley Crescent. The suspect driver was pursued on foot by officers but unfortunately lost. The van has now been recovered but the Tiguan is still outstanding.

Every year we have thousands of reports of cash and miscellaneous items being stolen from parked vehicles. Usually there is no forced entry meaning it is very likely the vehicle had been left unlocked. Please double check your vehicle is locked and secure when leaving it unattended.

Do not leave any valuable items in the car, even if you're only leaving the car for a short period of time. Please make sure you do not leave any holdalls/bags (even if it only contains stinky gym clothes)or loose change in sight. It takes very little to tempt a thief and if the opportunity is there they will take it!

Crook locks on steering wheels are still a good idea and if you have a keyless entry car then PLEASE get yourself a 'faraday' pouch to place your key fob in when you are not using it. They are very cheap and available online. They may also be available in the Kent Police crime prevention store at Bluewater if you're up that way. They act as a signal blocker and prevent theives from standing outside your address with scanning devices and driving away with your car. A metal tin or metal key safe in the home is also suitable.

Another idea is to install locking poles/bollards at the end of the drive which will prevent your car from being driven off the drive.


We have worked with the local council and Thames Reach in relation to the homeless males in Bexley Village. We are pleased to say that one of the males has been moved in to St Mungo's accommodation which offers help and support with a range of issues including mental health, general health and addictions. Hopefully he will in time be able to be moved in to his own accommodation. Thames Reach will be working with the other male to try and get him to suitable accommodation.

Kind Regards

PC Sophie Scott
DWO - St Mary's & St James' Safer Neighbourhood Team
Marlowe House
0208 721 2816