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30 May 2019

St Mary's and St James Ward - Scam phone calls 

Hello everyone,

One of the residents on our ward has brought to my attention repeated phone calls from this number 01865 920719. The calls were about financial planning for your funeral 'if you were thinking of passing away' which is an odd term to use and could be very distressing to hear. This phone call was able to connect despite the resident being signed up to TPS to avoid this sort of thing happening.

This is a SCAM phone call so please ignore this and block this number. According to a Google search this phone number seems to have been cloned and this is the latest scam being run from this phone number. This number has been used to run other scams to do with utility bills and windows etc.

If you receive a phone call from this number please report it to the Phone-paid services authority (PSA) by calling them on 0300 303 0020 or visit the PSA website.

Kind Regards

PC Sophie Scott

DWO - St Mary's & St James' Safer Neighbourhood Team
Marlowe House
0208 721 2816

Comment from Webmaster,

We were plagued with scam calls, sometimes 2 in one day plus numerous silent calls where you answer and there is no-one there.  

Then about a year ago we bought a 'True-Call' call blocker and we have not had one single nuisance call since.  

It cost about £90 from Amazon, so it is not cheap, but we have not regretted the cost at all.