NCRA NewsMail

6 June 2019

Email to North Cray Residents Association Committee

Thanks to a member in Gattons Way for sending this message.

Having been a resident of Gattons Way for over 25 years, I am becoming increasingly concerned and frustrated by the inconsiderate parking of people in our road. It has never been an issue until quite recently and although I appreciate most homes have at least 2 vehicles, we really need to respect our neighbours when parking.

Unfortunately the parking bays are not set out very sensibly, particularly outside numbers 38 and 40 which lends itself to avoidable double parking. In the event of an emergency vehicle needing access, the space restrictions caused by this thoughtless parking causes problems. An ambulance had trouble getting through a couple of weeks ago and the refuge collectors frequently knock at our door for information on cars parked blocking clear access for them. Fire engines would find the road impassable on many occasions. Imagine if your parking caused an emergency to escalate into a disaster!

All I ask is, please be considerate when parking on the road, even if you are parking outside your own property. If someone is already parked opposite, please think. We all need to work together as a community to keep Gattons Way safe.