NCRA NewsMail

22 June 2019

Parsonage Lane Whatsapp Group

Thanks to Priya Vithani and Oliver Jeffs for setting up a Whatsapp Group for Parsonage Lane and for sending us the following message:

Ollie and I have set the foundations for a Parsonage Lane Whatsapp Group, with a total of 4 households involved so far. 

Anyone who would like to join - if they send us a message with their name and mobile phone number, we will be happy to include them! 

Whatsapp Groups can be very useful for rapidly spreading important information among their members.

Whilst it would not be practical for the NCRA to organise Whatsapp Groups, we are very happy to assist members by receiving and passing on any applications from Parsonage Lane residents who wish to join this Whatsapp Group.

If you are a Parsonage Lane resident and wish to join Priya and Oliver's Whatsapp Group, please send your name, address and mobile phone number to us via the Contact NCRA link on this or any other NewsMail and it will be passed directly to Priya and Oliver.

We would also be happy to assist in the same way if any member forms a similar Whatsapp Group for their road.