NCRA NewsMail

28 June 2019

Neighbourhood Watch News

From PC Sophie Scott, Police SNT Team 
Tel: 020 8721 2816 
Twitter: @MPSStMarysRY 
Dedicated Ward Officers: PC Peter Rose - PC Sophie Scott - PCSO Lovyna Dee - PCSO Angel Parnell
Unfortunately it hasn't been a very good week on the ward this week. We have been hit with both burglary and vehicle crime. BURGLARY - Overnight on Tuesday 18/06/2019 two sheds were broken in to at properties on Maidstone Rd. The suspects used gardening tools left out in the garden to break the locks off the sheds and steal multiple bikes and a large an expensive amount of fishing equipment.
On Friday 21/06/2019 between 0900 and 1150 hours a burglary occurred whereby the suspect(s) have stolen several items of jewellery have been stolen while the occupant was in the shower.
Overnight on Monday 24/06/2019 several allotment sheds in Brent Close were broken in to although only one break in has been reported. The suspect(s) took gardening equipment worth £120.
VEHICLE CRIME - We have received a very basic report of a possible theft from vehicle on Parkhurst Rd. We are still trying to make contact with the victim to establish what if anything has been taken.
On Friday 21/06/2019 at 2342 hours a male was captured on CCTV breaking in to a car parked on North Cray Rd. Two handbags and other miscellaneous items were stolen. Both handbags were found dumped in the front garden of a property in Salisbury Rd by a resident. They have been returned to the owners. Subsequently a property in Salisbury Rd also had their car broken in to on the same night where sunglasses and loose change were stolen. CCTV enquiries are being carried out to try and identify the suspect.
On Tuesday 25/06/2019 between 1100 & 1350 hours a white 68 plate Suzuki motorcycle was stolen from the driveway of an address in St James Way. Again CCTV will be carried out in relation to this.
OTHER NEWS - The team have learned that a suspect we interviewed & charged for two burglaries and a theft on the ward was found guilty at court this week and received 36 weeks imprisonment. While on patrol in Bexley Village last week we stopped two males sitting loitering in a footpath close to Bexley train station. Both males were stopped and searched and found to be in possession of cannabis. One of the males was dealt with by way of community resolution (warning for cannabis) as he was 18 years old and it was a first time offence according to records. The other male was 17 years old and therefore couldn't be dealt with on the street. He will be attending the police station in the near future for an interview under caution.
From Dana Wiffen-Chairman, Neighbourhood Watch Office
You will have noted from the weekly report that car crime continues to be a problem in all Wards in Bexley. It is possible to prevent some of this crime by sticking to the following - check you have locked you vehicle even if it's parked in your drive, make sure all the windows are closed and remove anything from view. These all sound obvious but many still leave cars unlocked, windows open and bags, satnavs, dashcams, visible, the best rule of thumb is to not leave anything in view even loose change.