NCRA NewsMail

1 July 2019

Email to North Cray Residents Association Committee

Thanks to Lizzie and Ross for the following message describing their recent burglary :

Good Morning, 

Please can you make residents aware that on the 30 June we were burgled. The police believe the intruder climbed the drain pipe and gained access to the property via an upstairs window. The intruder left the property at 1.28am via the back door which triggered our house alarm. 

Items taken were handbag, wallets, briefcase, electrical including phones, an Apple Watch, iPads and laptops. 

As we quickly noticed property missing we called the Met who were on scene within minutes and managed to apprehend the suspect as we were able to track one of the devices taken using the 'find my phone' function. 

The intruder made off towards Bunkers Hill and some of our property was recovered in the graveyard. When disturbed by the police rummaging through the taken property, he ran towards Foot Cray Meadows, out of the meadow and was caught hanging from a fence at JJ Food Service. 

We are still missing 2 apple laptops, a rose gold iPhone, a rose gold Apple Watch with pink strap, a white iPad, a black iPad and a Kindle Fire for Kids in a blue case. One of the MacBooks is in grey neoprene case, the other in a black neoprene case. Randomly we are also missing an Aloe Vera plant in a white pot that was on our window sill. 

The intruder climbed over a number of gardens during his getaway so please can you ask residents if they find anything to contact the police. 

Likewise if anyone saw or heard anything please contact the Met. The suspect is a black male, skinny, late teens dressed all in black. 

If residents do have a 'tracking' service on devices please can you urge them to ensure they are turned on as this proved to be the key to apprehending this suspect. Also ensuring that house alarms are set before going to bed as if we had not done this we would have had no idea anything was missing until the morning. 

Many thanks, 

Lizzie and Ross